We can provide you a totally private wiki account on our DokuWiki system here. If you have your own Homing Space set up in your phone browser, then click on the button below using the same phone browser

What is Homing Space?
Homing Space is a simple system to authenticate yourself on the Internet. It uses your phone browser to do your authentication on your behalf. You just need to remember one password; for ALL Internet sites that accepts the Homing Space method of authentication.

The term 'Homing Space' refers to a special location inside your phone browser when you visit my.homing.space.

That space contains all the data required to do the authentication. A small helper app for Homing Space can be downloaded from the play store ( and soon the Apple store ) that will setup your free Homing Space for you, in just a minute or two.

Get yourself a Homing Space setup in your browser now! It really helps you preserve your sanity and privacy all over the Internet

Visit Homing Space main website and read more.